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Sasha Saidin

Family Photo Album
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The Saidin family, more like the Adam's family.... we are all strange and weird in our own ways but we do what we gotta do to get by ....


Mummy Dearest

My mum is the best, I know I know I am being bias, but she truly is the BEST! Just ask my friends everyone loves her ... She's likes the female Simon Cowell, she'll say it as it is but she is always right in the end (I hate it when that happens!) But she is such a strong woman, she is my strength and my mentor, go go SuperMum!


Daddy lil sweetheart

My dad is the best too, no, really he is ... he is like a big teddy bear and like a cute pet that you wanna just feed and take care of ... He's always spoilt me and I appreciate all the hard 25 years he toiled for my family, he's just retired at the age of 59, so daddy kick ya feet up and let mum serve you like she errrr ... always does!


My Brothers

Zain and Steve, I love Steve to death, well I would'nt literally try to kill him but he has been a champion and helped me out alot with my time in Norwich with the house etc and I will always keep that in mind and in my heart ... Oh yeah and one day I will pay him back!


My lil sis that I always wanted!

That's Dina and she's my babygirl and my lil bro..... I think they look good together but supposedly they hate each other guts but you know what they say .... the more you loathe 'em, the more you want 'em! Otherwise, good news boys she's single ... so what ya waiting for?