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Sasha Saidin

Cuddly-Wuddly, Fizzy-Wuzzy ,Furry-Murry Animals

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Cheeky Monkey!
I think this cutie pie baby monkey thought I was her mommy cause she refused to let go of me.

I love my pets! On this page I'll describe them and their special place in my life.

C a t   L o v e r s   I n   M a l a y s i a
M'sian Cat Lovers
Singer, model and actress
Nickname given by cats:
Reason worships cats:
They're so cute and they make you feel all lovable and cuddly and they're just so nice to hug and squeeze
Is currently owned by:   A little girl called Mitsie, a six month old brown Persian. Very 'manja' (affectionate) but often has her mad half-hours
Most # of cat owners: Probably about four, I think. That was when we lived in a house rather than the condo where we live now 'cause then they could always run around the garden and run after Bokbok (our rooster!) the whole  day.
Cat most fond of: A cat we had when I was about 9 or so. He was called Black and he was knocked down by a motor cyclist, but his sister Whites lived to see many, many more years ahead of her
Funniest incident: When I was small I loved to bring stray cats back home and my mum would get so mad at me every time!!  And once, there was this helpless little kitten wandering around the street for days... One day when I saw my mum coming out of the house to throw out the rubbish, I left the kitten at the front door and ran for cover. Sure enough my mum saw the kitten and immediately felt sorry for it  –  the trap worked!
Saddest incident: Putting my cats to sleep, or my cat going missing, or finding them dead after being knocked down by motorists or even being cruelly treated by my neighbours... One of them even threw hot water over my poor little cat!
Any last word? I believe that black cats bring good luck. There was once I was so worried when I was rushing to go to an audition that I accidentally tripped and step on the poor thing!!  I kept calling home every other hour to check up on it.  The cat was initially in shock but after a lot of coaxing by my mum,  she finally calmed down. The good part is that I got the job and I'm convinced that it was thanks to my good-luck cat.

Text Chulalongkat & LionessLynn

Countless number cats since I was born ...

There was the brother and sister act, Blacks and Whites cause they were emmm ... black and white, and there was Lucy, Emylia, Stacy ... loads and loads .... The cats that are with my mum and dad at the moment are Mitsie, Lilly and my baby, cutie pie, honey bun ... Dana!